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Las Vegas YA and Children's author, Tina Kirchner, talks about her books and her marketing journey

By nmurray, Apr 10 2018 02:03PM

Tina Kirchner is my guest today. Please tell everyone about your yourself and your books.

"I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently reside there with my husband, one of my two children, and the Kirchner Zoo, which is five dogs and three cats. I love being outdoors and practically stay outside when the weather is over 60°. Activities I like besides writing include playing tennis, doing yoga, hiking, biking, painting, gardening, and walking the dogs. I love all animals, but wolves are my favorite. My preferred reading genres are fantasy and paranormal, but I’ve read a little of everything.

Finding My Niche

I’ve always loved to write, but I didn’t get serious about writing until after I had children. Reading picture books to my kids re-sparked my desire to write and do art. However, after trying to write 800-word picture books, I realized that I enjoyed writing middle grade stories more. Two middle grade series of mine, Pirates Off and The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich, were published by Short on Time Books. Pirates and zombies are two of my favorite subjects, and I hoped paranormal mixed with fast-paced action and adventure would encourage reluctant readers. Middle grade is great to write, but it has limitations. When I came up with Dagger & Brimstone, the premise would only work for young adult, so I switched gears again. I could add some horror to my stories in YA. It’s kind of funny that I started out trying to write picture books and moved onto longer works. Of late, I’ve been writing short stories that are usually under 2,000 words. My advice to new writers, try a variety of works and play around with different point of views as well.

My Thoughts on Book Marketing

I’m not going to sugarcoat book marketing—it’s tough and time-consuming. Natasha’s Promotion Tips are great. If you haven’t checked out the page, do so. At the very least, a website is a necessity for an author. Several web-hosting services, such as Weebly and Wix, offer free websites and even provide templates to get started. I have a website set up exclusively for my books and art and another for my blog.

I promote on Twitter; however, tweets can get lost as fast as they’re posted. It helps when followers retweet and like tweets. I make it a point to retweet and like posts to help friends or for tweets that I enjoy. For writers searching for an agent, Twitter pitch parties are a free outlet to showcase your writing.

I’ve also created book trailers for the first books in my three series and posted them on YouTube. They haven’t gotten a ton of views, but they were a lot of fun to create. It was like producing my own mini-movie. Buying even a few seconds of video online can get expensive, so I took my own shots. I have snippets from the beach, forest, desert, graveyards—anything I thought I could eventually use to go along with my books. The only actors I used are my husband and one of my dogs, Turbo. They didn’t charge a fee. The recommended length for book trailers is under two minutes, so my stored snippets are really short.

Just like writing, authors need to keep working on marketing. It’s not easy, but it’s a part of the process to get your books into readers’ hands.

A Great Quote

I saw a quote posted on Twitter by author Lacey London, “Other authors are not my competition, I stand with them, not against them.” This is so true. There may be plenty of books circulating, but there are millions of readers, too. That’s why it is awesome when blogs like Natasha’s allow authors an outlet to promote their books. Another way to help fellow writers is to write a book review, no matter how short, for any book you’ve read. Retweet and share posts. Critique groups can be a tremendous help as well. I’ve been with a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) group for 10 years. We give suggestions, honest feedback, and share writing, contest, and promotion tips. Best of all, we support each other.

And Now, Here’s My Book Plug

My book series are all available on Amazon. Here are the links to book one for each series:

YA - Dagger & Brimstone: Town from Hell

Middle Grade - Pirates Off the Deep End

YA (Safe for Middle Grade) The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich: The Zombie Next Door

Book Trailers:

My website:

Follow me on Twitter @TinaInLV

My blog:

Thank you Tina for sharing with everyone, I think that other authors will appreciate your honesty.

Natasha :) x

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