• My Marketing Journey Update, Jack Solar’s Journal & UK Southern Book Show

    Hello from Littlehampton, West Sussex. I think summer is really here as we have had two days of sun and I am feeling positive that good times are ahead for my books and for my new writing projects. Jack Solar’s Journal (January 3008) is completed and this time instead of self-publishing, I have decided to try and get an agent to find me a good children’s publisher.

    Why would I do this? Well, I have a plan to get older children reading which I don’t think I can do by myself. I have noticed that older children would rather watch YouTube clips, than pick up a good book. Jack Solar’s Journal is about his life at age 12 in 3008. He is one of my leading characters in my dystopian novel 3006 and is quite a character. He writes in his digital journal and also vlogs about his worries and his adventures. So, my plan is to have a Welch, 12 year old boy read out half his journal on a YouTube Vlog site and then for it to cut out at a critical point and direct the viewer to read the rest as an e-book on their tablets. Do you think this will work and get children reading? I hope so.

    Finding an agent has been an interesting journey. I believe it is almost as hard to get an agent to represent you as it is to find a mainstream publisher. I have approached a handful and am waiting for a reply – it could be a long wait!

    It has to be said that marketing a book or to put it more accurately finding good avenues for book promotion has been the most trying and exasperating thing, that I have ever done.

    I have to balance book marketing and writing evenly. What I am finding is that I get a spate of good ideas about marketing and then focus on these in the morning, work furiously to promote my existing books and then feel too exhausted to write. So my answer to this problem is having a 30 minute power sleep after lunch which I can justify now as I work from 5:00am until 10:00am in Asda as an internet shopping picker. After my power sleep, I feel regenerated and can write quite easily until 5:00pm – creating what I hope will be the one book that will fore fill my dreams of my work being recognised.

    I have had some inspiring authors on my blog as guests and really appreciate their contribution. It is so hard to get yourself noticed as an author and there are very little places in the UK where you can display and sell your books. The mainstream book shops are not interested in self-published authors and will only let you do a book signing if you have sales on a book produced by a publisher. I know this, because I tried to get Waterstones to let me do a signing and they were only interested in 3004 published by the Book Guild and not my self-published books. My sales were not good enough to do a book signing for 3004.

    I have followed author Mark Dawson’s advice about promoting books and think that he really gives you easy instructions on how to master Facebook Advertising and Sponsored Amazon Ads. He and Joanna Penn have been an inspiration for me. I do make sales using their advice but my outgoings do not match my income. Still some fine tuning to be done on the marketing bouncy castle I think!

    THE UK SOUTHERN BOOK SHOW – A eureka moment! It came to me not in a dream but as a passenger being driven to Ikea in Southampton. I have been looking for a book event in the South of England, where authors can come together and sell their books to the public. I decided that I would take the bull by the horns and try and arrange such an event. So I have been trying to find authors in the UK that are interested in selling, doing readings and speaking on book related subjects on stage. I chose the Pavilion Theatre on Worthing pier as I want a high traffic venue to draw the public in. Hopefully this event will attract our readers and those that would like to write a book.

    For the show to go ahead on 9th September 2017, I need 60+ authors to attend and have 15 so far. To find out more and sign up if you are interested, then please visit


    I will update you all soon with my progress.

    Going for a walk up to the sea for some inspiration.

    Natasha x


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