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My guest today is author Wayne McKinstry, who has just launched a fantasy, sword and sorcery book. 'The Two Hands of the King'

By nmurray, Dec 29 2019 11:39AM

Wayne recently retired from a 40+ year career in IT, mainly as a programmer and developer. The field changes rapidly, to say the least. Now is Wayne's chance to move in new directions. One of those new directions is writing and publishing fiction.

Hello Wayne, welcome to my blog. Please let everyone know about your writing journey.

1. What made you want to write a book?

I have read LOT of fiction over the years. It got to the point where I was giving the author points for style and watching for small mistakes. I decided that I should try my hand at writing, as well as reading. And some of the fiction I have read was fairly bad, and I needed to see if I could do better.

2. Tell us about you and where you live.

I live in Springfield, IL, retired after 40+years working in IT. Now that I am retired I have time to devote to writing. Even though I "am not working" I still find that I do not have infinite time, so it does take discipline to get something done.

3. What have you written and what are you working on now?

The Two Hands of The King is a fantasy, sword and sorcery. I tried to keep the tone from being overly dark in spite of the fact that the heroes are battling "Dark Ones". I have a sequel started but I have decided to devote time to promoting The Two Hands of The King.

Previously I have written a Sci-Fi / Fantasy combo book, a time travel tale and a sort of spoof about a race of space-faring horses that make First Contact with us. So I have tried some different things.

4. How do you market your books and do your promotion methods work?

Right now I am trying to get reviews for The Two Hands of The King. To do this I am contacting a boatload of book review bloggers and asking nicely if they would review my book. A few have agreed to do this, but it takes a while for the reviews to come though. Is all this working? Ask me in 6 months or a year.

5. Where can readers find your book for sale?

Only 99 cents on Amazon.


Also check out my website for a free copy of my time-travel adventure.


Sir Donald and Lord Overton are bitter rivals for the favor of King Phillip deRoyale. But now their world is threatened by evil creatures, who intend to make this world their own. Now the two rivals will be tested like never before when their King orders them to work together to deal with this new enemy. Can these rivals work together? They will have help from Prince Luke, who is the third son of King DeRoyale. Also they will work with a Witch and Wizard who have to sort out their romantic feelings while saving the world.

Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope you have a great 2020.

Natasha :)

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