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By nmurray, Jun 23 2020 07:22AM

Welcome Jordan, glad you could make it . Please tell everyone about yourself and about your debut novel Zoon Garden published during lockdown. These are interesting times for authors.

1. Who are you and what is your background?

Jordan O’Donnell, 27, live in Richmond, VA, D1 wrestler, former-FBI employee turned novelist.

2. Why do you write?

Ideas are the backbone of humanity. A building, religion, sport, car—at the root, everything is an idea. Writing is the most lucid form of expressing ideas. It lasts forever, and if done well enough can retain relevance for thousands of years. I feel there is no greater calling than to analyze your society and write about it for posterity.

3. Who are your greatest influences?

Dostoevsky influenced my ideas and the intentions of my work. He is the psychologist of human souls. No one knew the human condition better than him, which made his characters almost more real than real people.

Similarly I write works that analyze religion, philosophy, and human condition through a compelling story.

Hemingway and Orwell most impacted my style. I like simpler, shorter prose that packs a punch.

Gabriel Garcia-Marquez and John Steinbeck influenced my lifestyle. Both of them abandoned everything in there 30s and 40s to pursue writing. They lived in poverty, had incredible hardship, and still persevered. They motivated me to commit to the true artist’s pursuit, including the uncertainty, poverty, lack of comfort, etc.

4. What have you written and what are you working on now?

My debut novel Zoon Garden released on May 22, 2020. It is a political allegory in the vein of Animal Farm. Modern America is portrayed as a zoo ruled by two tribes: the wolves and the sheep who slowly accidentally destroy the zoo.

I started my second novel, a piece about an entirely unrelated topic. However the vast majority of my focus is dedicated to promoting Zoon Garden amidst this divided and uncertain time in American history.

5. How do you market your books and do your promotion methods work?

I take an unprecedented approach to book marketing. I used the money saved from the FBI to buy a school bus and two travel trailers. I converted them, hired 21 college interns with skills in publicity, social media, marketing, publicity, computer science, videography, etc. In a week we will set off on an 8 week promotion tour all around the nation, taking the book straight to the people grass roots style. We will also be starting a podcast, as well as shooting a Netflix quality documentary.

The success of the tactic is yet to be determined, but we anticipate it will turn a lot of heads and be very successful.

6. Where can readers find your book for sale?

Zoon Garden is available on Amazon in eBook, Hardback and paperback. The audiobook version will be available on June 18th. https://www.amazon.com/Zoon-Garden-Decline-Jordan-ODonnell/dp/1734962801/

The ebook is also available on Kobo. If you’re an Indie book store, it is available through Ingram.

Thank you so much. Animal Farm has been a huge influence on my work too. When I get through my 150 book reading pile, I would be interested to read your new book.

All the best for the future and keep in touch.

Natasha :)

By nmurray, Mar 5 2020 02:02PM

Hello Tamara and welcome back Alistair. What is it like to write together and where has your writing journey taken you?

1. What made you want to write a book?

It wasn’t a matter of thinking, “I’d like to write a book,” for either of us. We were born knowing that this was what we wanted to do, and even before we were putting pen to paper, we were telling stories, creating characters, and inventing new, exciting worlds. For us, writing is in the genes.

2. Tell us about you and where you live.

We both live in the western U.S. and love our cats. On weekends you might find one or both of us taking long drives, strolling through museums, or checking out mountains, oceans, deserts, or historical monuments for places that just might make good locales to set our next book. More often, you’ll find us cozied up with our cats watching good horror movies.

3. What have you written and what are you working on now?

Collaboratively, we have completed six novels: The Cliffhouse Haunting, Mother, Darling Girls, and three Ravencrest Saga novels: The Ghosts of Ravencrest, The Witches of Ravencrest, and our newest, Exorcism.

Separately, Alistair has written two Vampires of Crimson Cove novels: The Crimson Corset and The Silver Dagger. He’s also written Sleep Savannah Sleep, The Angel Alejandro, and The Book of Strange Persuasions.

Tamara’s newest novel is Brimstone. She has also written other bestsellers including Haunted, Moonfall, Eternity, Thunder Road, and The Sorority.

Alistair’s next solo release will be the third Vampires of Crimson Cove novel, due out later this year. Tamara’s next paranormal thriller will also appear in 2020. Their next collaborative novels will be a thriller, Spite House, due out later this year, and the fourth Ravencrest Saga novel. Many more books are planned.

4. How do you market your books and do your promotion methods work?

We’re much better at writing books than marketing them, so we rely on our publicist to do marketing and promotion. Berlin Malcom sees to it that our websites are up-to-date and that we have a presence on social networks. Most importantly, she presents us with interviews and makes sure we pull our heads out of our books to talk about them now and then.

5. Where can readers find your book for sale?

The best places to find out about us is at our websites, tamarathorne.com and alistaircross.com. All our books - and information about them are listed there. You can always find our books on amazon.com, too.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone Tamara and Alistair

Natasha :)x

By nmurray, Jul 20 2017 08:42AM

1. What made you want to write?

I’ve been writing all my life, and was first published in 2012. Later that year, I met horror author Tamara Thorne, whom I’ve been a fan of since the 90s and, without meaning to, we began brainstorming ideas and decided it would be fun to write a short story together. That story turned into a novel. And then another novel. In the meantime, I also continued writing books on my own.

As for what originally made me want to write - writing is the only thing I’ve ever done that has allowed complete expression of my ideas and fully engaged me. Writing makes me happy.

2. Tell us about yourself.

I was born in a very ordinary small town in central Utah where there wasn’t much to do but dream up things that weren’t ordinary at all. As far back as I can remember, I never had any interest in the American Dream. I never thought about having children, buying a house, getting a good job, and retiring at the appropriate age. I just knew that wasn’t me and that I’d never be happy unless I was creating something artistic and meeting brilliant people who did amazing things.

3. What have you written and what are you working on now?

As a solo act, I’ve written The Crimson Corset, The Book of Strange Persuasions, The Angel Alejandro, and my upcoming paranormal murder/mystery, Sleep Savannah Sleep.

With Tamara Thorne, I’ve co-authored The Cliffhouse Haunting, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, Mother, and The Witches of Ravencrest, book two in the Ravencrest Saga.

I’ve just begun my next solo novel, a thriller that takes place high in the snow-covered California mountains, and Tamara Thorne and I are working on Darling Girls, a continuation of our respective vampire novels, Candle Bay (Tamara Thorne) and The Crimson Corset (by me.)

4. Tell us about your latest book, Sleep Savannah Sleep.

Sleep Savannah Sleep takes place in Shadow Springs, California. Jason Crandall, recently widowed, has moved to town with hopes that it will be an opportunity for him and his two children to start over. No sooner does he begin meeting the quirky townspeople than Savannah Sturgess, a beautiful young socialite, goes missing. Despite his best efforts, Jason becomes entangled in the unsolved crime when he’s plagued by mysterious, terrifying visions and dreams that lead him (and the police) to Savannah’s murdered corpse. And when Jason falls under suspicion, he soon realizes the only way to clear his name is to find Savannah’s killer himself. But what he doesn’t know is that the truth is more terrifying than he - or anyone in Shadow Springs - could have ever imagined.

5. How do you market your book(s) and do your promotion methods work?

My philosophy is that writing is a lot more than simply writing. It’s a business, and like any business, it takes hard work, extra hours, self-discipline, and more hard work.

As for marketing, it’s important to do events and raise awareness. I employ a publicist who helps me out in this way, and also, Tamara and I have a weekly horror-themed radio show, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!, where we interview authors and talk about writing. This helps get the word out about our work as well … but the single most important book marketing strategy, in my experience, is writing a damned good book that people want to read. And then another one, and another one after that.

6. Where can readers find your book(s) for sale?

Amazon carries all my titles, and my website, alistaircross.com, has all the necessary links.

Thank you Alistair for letting us into your writing world :)


By nmurray, Aug 2 2011 04:40PM

This is my first blog and I plan to use this space to report on how 3004 is selling and if my marketing plans are working. So far, I am the only person to visit my site, which is probably just as well as it has taken a while to put together - hopefully all the effort will be worthwhile. I have just added metatags to each page which will guide search engines to my site but I think to boost my website's presence, I will have to upgrade and have my own domain name. Moonfruit offer the upgrade for a very reasonablee £4.99 a month. Before doing this I am going to look for writers' forums and post messages leaving links to my website to see if I get any traffic. If you have just published a book and are trying to promote your book, let me know how you are getting on.

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