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By nmurray, Apr 5 2020 11:19AM

Hi Ros, how are you doing?

"Hello Natasha,

I'm a quiet reserved recluse. For decades, I was the leader of many educated talented

and committed people. Writing the novel was a long well-deserved vacation for my mind.

I live on an unspoiled coastline where dolphins and manatees cavort. Magnificent eagles

occasionally soar overhead and hummingbirds dart around the flower garden.

Flying squirrels sit in my hand and eat sunflower chips.

I wrote a novel (Eagle Fangs) some years ago as a warm-up for Night Shadow's Son.

It was a challenge to teach myself how to use several software programs, learn about

how to publish a novel (e.g. What the heck is metadata?) and tune up my research skills.

I used Google Earth to pinpoint locations where the story took place. I'm not working on

anything right now. Perhaps one day an idea will inspire me to write something else.

I don't market my books. A dozen libraries have added my work to their collection.

Libraries offer "author chats" which allow local authors to meet with potential readers.

I always provide free copies to everyone. I created brochures a few local bookstores distribute.

The attachment is the outside/inside of a trifold brochure."

Thanks Ross.

Hopefully, you are far away from the horrid COVID-19

Stay safe, Natasha :)

If you are self isolating then you might be interested in reading something new.

Ross' books are available on Amazon.

A young woman becomes a spy for the French Resistance during WWII. She operates alone and unafraid deep behind enemy lines. The Night Shadow, as she is called by British intelligence, gathers vital intelligence for the Allies. A twist of fate brings her and an infant together. She joins a traveling circus after the war and raises the child has her own. The boy demonstrates amazing, inexplicable abilities. An Oxford professor discovers the young man and together they return to England. The young man's physical and mental prowess astounds and amazes everyone. The world's superpowers teeter on the brink of global nuclear war. The young man embarks on an impossible mission to prevent the imminent war. A professor sets off on quest to find out who the young man's parents are. The novel has a thunderclap ending. The story spans decades and sweeps across a continent. It skips from one adventure to another. The work weaves fiction into historically-accurate world events.

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Mideast terrorists possess old Soviet nuclear warheads and plan to use them against major cities across the globe. A Pentagon intelligence analyst discovers the plot and tries to warn everyone. No one is listening. He turns to his fighter pilot brother for help. A dozen American airmen volunteer to fly nearly 8,000 miles undetected and take on the entire air force of a hostile nation. The story takes place in present day.

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By nmurray, Jan 9 2019 04:12PM

Hi Nicholas welcome to my book blog. Please let everyone know about your writing journey and your new book Justice Gone.

What made you want to write a book?

I wrote my first novel in 1985. It was a catharsis for a broken heart, and it was therapy for getting over what I considered, at the time, the loss of the love of my life. It's also a story about cultural confusion in East Africa. In the 1980's it was much easier to get an agent, which I did, but after she submitted the manuscript 15 times, with rejection after rejection, I put it on the shelf for 30 years. It was finally published in 2014 as Journey Towards a Falling Sun, a romance adventure set in Kenya.

I began my second novel, The Plain of Jars, in 1998, and worked on it for 15 years while working as a groundwater geologist in various countries. I had no intention of writing again, but when I visited Laos and learned about the secret war the US waged against that small country (without an official declaration of war) and discovered that more bombs were dumped on that country than all the munitions dropped in World War II, I felt I just had to write about it. The novel was published as my first, in 2013.

Tell us about you and where you live

As I mentioned, I've been a groundwater geologist for many years, and it eventually took me to Cambodia. I fell in love with the place and kept it as my home base. After 7 years, I married a Cambodian woman, and we built a house in the countryside in the southern part of the country. Where we live, there is everything: mountains, sea, rivers and estuaries, and nice quaint town 10 minutes' drive away. I am truly lucky.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

My latest novel is Justice Gone, and was inspired by a true event, the fatal beating of a homeless man in a small Californian town. This was such an extreme case, and one which did not include any racial elements, that it exposed the utter abuse of authority in which an outraged public reaction was inevitable.

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

Justice Gone could be considered a mystery/thriller combined with a courtroom drama, and such stories are usually categorized as legal thrillers. However, I wanted this book to have broad appeal because many topical issues such as homelessness, troubled vets, and the legal system are imbedded in the story.

How do you promote your books?

Marketing is really tough. I feel like I'm in the Land of the Giants, competing against the Big Five publishing houses, leave alone the thousands of Indies who are trying to get their book noticed. While a writer has to go with what works, the book has to stand out on its own as a unique entity.

As for promotions and reviews, the first thing I do is I look for freebie. The Book Blogger List and other blogger directories, and Facebook Groups such as Book Connectors can give you contacts with potential reviewers. When it came to the Book Blogger List, I contacted each blogger individually - I must have sent over 500 emails to those whose genre focus covered the theme of Justice Gone. If they could not review my book because of being swamped with requests or for other reasons, I asked for other features such as spotlights and author interviews, which required less time and effort on their part. My publisher put my book on NetGalley, but it generated only 4 reviews in 2 months. In the near future I will go the route of 99 cents book promotions using newsletter services such as Fussy Librarian and BookBub.

Thanks Nicholas :)

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