My Review of this book: "A Great Thrilling, Chilling Tale - Daisy White’s books are always a pleasure to read and ‘Before I Left’ is no exception. Ruby Baker, the main character, escaping from a brutal past life with her best friend Mary, has a dark secret. Once the secret is revealed, your feelings towards Ruby may change as you weigh up the moral implications. The storyline is a traditional murder plot but this twisted tale is more about the fascinating characters depicted and the pages keep on turning as you decide who you can or cannot trust.Daisy is a talented writer and her dramatic descriptions of Brighton bring it alive, vibrantly portraying it’s moody side and also the lively party life in the 60’s. The exciting ending, although it answers all your questions, is left open and I am eagerly looking forward to the next in the series. This book comes highly recommended."..

Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett *****

Jay-Jay the bus is rescued from the dirty scrap yard, where he was sadly gathering dust and cobwebs. Feeling nervous yet excited, he is taken to an airport where he is magically transformed into a 'Playbus' full of toys, games and adventure. A fictional tale based on a real life bus 'Supersonic', which flew in the imaginations of the many young children who visited it. A children's picture book


My review of this book: "A Supersonic Children’s Story - This story is based on a true story about a bus that is given a second chance and becomes a supersonic star in the hearts of children. Children of all ages will enjoy reading about the old bus JJK 261 Route B and will discover how it became Jay-Jay the Supersonic Playbus. Jay-Jay has a cheerful disposition and just loves bringing joy to children. This is a great read for early readers and the excellent illustrations will keep the pages turning. Author, Sue Wickstead, also known as Lego Lady, has captured Jay Jay’s adventures beautifully."

Jay-Jay is no ordinary bus. His journey is full of play. He is a Playbus, he brings fun and adventure to the children wherever they are. A safe place to play where children can use their imagintion and explore. Once a real bus his story has been told in many schools. "We wish he was still here," the children say. "We would love to go inside!" Well you can and he is, even if only in fictional form, his story goes on. The real Playbus proved so popular that the idea was copied by many other play projects.
Always bright and colourful, they stood out from the rest and knowing they were different, the children and other users would come along to look inside and explore to find out what was on offer. The real Jay-Jay ras much loved and fondly remembered.


Anyone Can Get An A+ by Geetanjali Mukherjee ****

Do you wish you could get better grades? Do you struggle with certain subjects and believe that maybe you're not cut out for them? Do you want to spend less time studying and still get good grades? This book is the perfect go-to source for all students...It's a must-read for all students! The Page-Hungry Bookworm. I highly recommend Anyone Can Get an A+ to every college student and any secondary student thinking about higher education. McNeil's Reviews Practical and sound advice presented in a caring supportive manner. Sarah Jackson, Author and Reviewer. Anyone Can Get An A+ is a conversational, down-to-earth guide for high school and college students on how to maximize their learning and get the grades they want. This book draws on research from the fields of psychology and neuroscience, and gives students practical advice that they can implement right away, to overcome procrastination, make the most of their study time and improve their grades significantly. Who this book is for: College students who want to learn how to juggle classes, extra-curricular activities, other activities and also have room for a social life High school students struggling with the pressure to get good grades to get into college, pass standardized tests and be eligible for scholarships Parents who are worried about how to help their children get better grades without overburdening them Teachers who want to understand how to help their students learn more deeply while enjoying their lessons
Counselors and tutors who work directly with students, to better help motivate and inspire students to do their best. Adult learners who are going back to school, or want to learn a new language or skill.


My review of this book: "A Good Common Sense Guide - It has been a while since I studied or took an exam and after reading this book, I realise how pathetic my revision plan was. How I wish I had this book to help me organise myself and I think that although I may not have achieved an A+, I would definitely have passed a few more exams. I would like to think that everyone could get an A+ but think it is unlikely. Geetanjali Mukherjee, the author, has produced a practical and enlightening guide that will help all. Each chapter are tips and are well put together, do not waffle on and can only help those that have little confidence in their ability to study and take exams. Geetanjali principles can be applied not only to studying but also to any challenge we face in life where organisation is key. This book comes highly recommended."

Sinfonia: First Notes on the Lute: A Vampire Chronicle: Book One by David Landrum ****

Nelleke Reitsma is one of the world's top lutenists and guitar players. She is very good because she has had 350 years to practice. Sinfonia: First Notes on the Lute records her life, beginning with her entrance into the world of the undying through friendship with Izaak, a mysterious young man who only comes out at night; and, eventually, her crossing over into that world. Leaving her native Netherlands for England, she finds herself embroiled in a fight to save the vampire community of London from destruction. She encounters Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, and, using her connections to government and the theater, uncovers the last followers of an ancient religion that possesses power capable of destroying Nelleke and the coven of vampires to which she belongs. It is up to her to stop them. A fascinating and compelling piece of paranormal fiction, it abounds in danger, romance, horror, love, and beauty.


Emotional Support for the Newly Divorced (Divorced and Scared No More Book 1) by T Asher and Tony Haynes ****

Have you experienced Divorce? Are you questioning what your future will be after your vows of "I do" turn into "I do not" along with the loss of all the dreams that never will be fulfilled? Divorced and Scared No More: Emotional Support for the Newly Divorced is the first installment of the three-part trilogy written to assist readers in post-divorce related matters while providing you the motivation you need to move on. Author Tasher speaks from personal experience; having gone through the many stages of relationships. This includes denial of a failed marriage, expressiveness needed to gain healing and how to remain emotionally grounded. You'll find ways to embrace your new found freedom and turn the lemons life threw at you into a Zesty Lemon Sorbet! Therapist and clinical author Justin Nutt, LSCSW, LAC consulted as a technical advisor for the series. Insuring everything presented be accurate and quality material while still being a comforting, easy-to-read guide to surviving divorce.
Co-Author Tony Haynes is a practitioner of Acrostic Poetry -poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. At the end of each chapter, you can look forward to reading a clever poem from words found within the word DIVORCE. These are poetic thoughts that ask "How did I get here?" This rite of passage has everything to do with life and our stories affects each other because we are all connected. Now it's time to peek inside and see how, where & why our lives intersect. There are so many insightful topics in the book, which will help you feel inspired to look inward and become aware of your needs to help you live again. There is still life after emotional death ... Isn't it time for you to be happily divorced and Divorced and Scared NO More?


Fun and Games by David Michael Slater ****

The 1980’s: it’s the time of Dungeons & Dragons, banana clips, and Atari. Jonathan Schwartz is growing up in a family like no other. His sisters, Nadia, the dark genius, and Olivia, the gorgeous tease and temptress, manipulate Jon and his friends for their own entertainment. And his Holocaust survivor grandparents? Their coping techniques are beyond embarrassing. A disastrous visit to Jon’s class by his grandmother unhinges his famous father, setting off a chain of events that threatens to send the dysfunctional Schwartz clan up in flames once and for all. Fun & Games is a heartbreaking and hilarious story of faith, family secrets, betrayal, and loss—but it’s also a tale of friendship, love, and side-splitting shenanigans.


Next of Sin by Lisa Gordon 18+ *****

A series of deaths which the police think are unfortunate drownings date back to 1987; but Gaby, the only witness in all that time, is about to realise that something far more sinister is going on! A strange recurring dream is haunting young lawyer Gaby; she seeks help from a psychologist and a psychic as she tries to figure it out. Then......it hits her; the memory floods back! Suddenly everything she thought she knew about herself, her family and her past is cast into doubt. Someone she loves is a KILLER. But who will believe Gaby? He is popular, successful, charming and credible. The Police will say that she has no evidence. People will call her mad, paranoid or vindictive. But Gaby is a determined young women and she selects her allies with great care, as there are few she dares trust in this duplicitous new world she finds herself in. She and a maverick detective, Robbie Baggio set about assembling the evidence: secretively and urgently, before the cunning serial killer strikes again. However, he gets wind of her suspicions and this time when he kills, it's someone very close to Gaby, someone who also knows the truth. Suddenly she realises that she is up against more than just him, he has eminent and influential friends and the scales of justice are rigged against her. What would you do? What will Gaby do? A thriller that will make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again and the safe answer.....is NO. If you enjoy Sidney Sheldon and Nicci French do not miss this enthralling mystery from Lisa Gordon winner of the 9th American Gem Literary Contest.


My review of this book: "A Shocking Revelation - Next of Sin captured my attention from the very beginning and I found it difficult to put down. Author, Lisa Gordon, has weaved a clever plot and the writing flows effortlessly with lots of twists and turns. Gaby Butler, the protagonist of this warped tale, makes a startling discovery and has to secretly collect evidence and only talk to those she trusts. She begins to understand who she is and also learns a few home truths. I liked Chantelle’s (Gaby’s brother’s ex-girlfriend) character too and thought she brought a lot to the story. Well done Lisa for creating such an exciting read. I highly recommend this book and would like to see another in the series."

Bees in Loretta's Bonnet by Lois Wickstrom 4+ ****


When Loretta dropped her armload of firewood on the hearth, a mysterious tube fell from between the logs. It was a leafcutter bee nest. Loretta took it back out to the woodpile and watched as holes appeared. But where were the bees? She found more holes appearing in leaves on her rose bushes. And even some of the rose petals. But where were the bees? Leafcutter bees are more efficient than honey bees for pollinating gardens. The book includes instructions for building a nest that may lure wild bees to your yard.

My review of this book: "A Tale of Lovely Leafcutter Bees - Bees in Loretta’s Bonnet is a charming and educational tale about a little girl who is fascinated by nature and after finding a Leafcutter bee’s nest - learns more about them. I have heard about solitary bees but not a leafcutter bee and absorbed the beautiful colour illustrations and story keenly, wanting to learn more. I also liked very much the instructions about how to build your own Leafcutter nest to attract bees. I love nature too, so can recommend this book for children of all ages."

My review of this book "A Fierce Fable Author, Aaron Dennis, writes eloquently and tells the story of an iconic mercenary named Scar, who finds himself engaging in a bloody battle. He cannot remember his past and this is really a tale about a mystic warrior’s journey of self-discovery. This book is not for the faint-hearted, it took me until the half way point before I became fully immersed. There are many names of strange lands and peoples to absorb and the fighting scenes are particularly brutal. The plot is not unusual but has something and keeps you reading. The notion that dragons could be evil and be influencing men, did not sit well with me but it is the essence of this unique tale so I soldiered on to the end of the book and was not disappointed."

Delbert the Reluctant Spy by Marko Kitti 7+ ****


Ten-year-old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died. Everything is a dull routine, and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room. What’s more, he has to cope with an annoying next-door neighbour, Evie, who has committed her life to being in love with him. But Delbert’s whole life is about to change when he is forced into a SUPER SECRET SPY MISSION to find a missing cat called Pandora. What seems like a straightforward job suddenly escalates into the stuff of real spy stories. Bursting with humour and thrilling surprises, this fast-paced, action-packed story takes Delbert and Evie on a wild ride with an UTTERLY SHOCKING SECRET at the end…

My review for this book: "A Super Spy Series in the Making - Delbert, recovering from the loss of his grandfather, is given the chance to train as a secret agent and is given a mission that he might not be able to pull off. His friend Evie is there to help him, whether he wants her to or not.Author, Marko Kitti has written an entertaining and quirky first super spy story that I am sure children will enjoy. It has a lot of humour in it with some funny illustrations. The story-line is unusual and has a surprise ending.
An amusing book. Well done Marko."

Evelyn Dear Fender by Rodney Jones 12+ *****

Isn't believing you have a chance, even when you don't, better than knowing you don't when you don't? Evelyn Hatfield sets out to be the first to reach the mythological land of Methania. But before her epic journey can begin, she must first suffer high school jealousies, the apathy of conformity, and a pair of clueless parents--all while learning to sail. Through chance, and a few innocent manipulations and half-truths, Evelyn finally sets sail for the distant horizon where she and her stowaway monkey, Bobo, do battle with their most fearsome enemy, the weather... and lose. Shipwrecked on a tiny island, 4,000 miles from home, she meets Fender Spigot, an equally shipwrecked explorer from Methania who, having never heard a language other than his own, gibber-jabbers his way into her heart. Regardless of their communication issues, they manage to help each other escape the island and head home--Evelyn, sailing east, and Fender, west. They soon discover, however, that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But how can they, again, find each other with a monstrous ocean and a thousand misunderstandings between them?


My review for this book: "An Unusual and Fun Read - This was a great read and I loved it. Evelyn, the main character, is an adventurous teenager and has a way with sailing boats. She embarks on a journey of a life time and goes in search of a mythical land, Methania and pushes the boundaries. Her story is not only intriguing but funny too and when she meets Fender, the title of this book will make sense. Fender, a reflection Evelyn, is a quirky character and you cannot help but love him too. Rodney Jones the author, writes brilliantly and obviously has a passion for sailing - I’d be surprised if he doesn’t sail as the writing was so convincing - by the end of this book you may want to try it. I have given this book five stars and it comes highly recommended."

My review for this book: "Nick Borman Hits the Streets of Toronto Running. There is nothing like reading a fast paced thriller and The Borman Factor ticked all the right boxes for me. Author, Robert Lalonde, has woven a tale of corruption. In this world, there just has to be hundreds of developments that have been built erroneously, leaving a cloud of suspicion hanging over them. No nonsense, lead character, security specialist/investigator, Nick Borman, is determined to track down those that believe they are above the law, in the city of Toronto. This was a roller-coaster read and the story-line, was solid and believable. The plot is intricate as any good plot should be and you have to have your wits about you to absorb all the clues and subplots. I would have liked to get to know Borman better and to understand what makes him tick. I guess I will have to read the next book in the series to find out more about him. I recommend this book to all those that like a good crime novel.

Sol of the Coliseum by Adam Gaylord 16+ *****


Deep in the bowels of the Coliseum of the mighty Astrolian Empire, the orphan, Sol, is raised by a makeshift family of guards and fellow slaves to become the most famed Gladiator in all the land. Alongside K'nal, his giant Frorian fighting partner, Sol must battle cunning warriors and fantastic beasts to delight the crowd and stay alive. But when an oppressed populace transforms Sol into a revolutionary folk hero, the Empire sends its most ruthless assassin to put an end to the uprising. Sol’s only chance is to do what no slave has ever done: escape from the coliseum and the only home he’s ever known.

My review for this book: "A Sensual Arctic Romance - This is a charming story, and follows Anne O’Malley’s emotional journey as she tries to find out more about her husband’s history and come to terms with his death. Ann meets Jack, an enigmatic character, and his family, in a land wear Caribou migrate and polar bears roam. Falling in love with someone that does not show emotion proves to be a challenge. Caroline McCullagh, has created a well-crafted romantic tale. This book also provides an insight into Inuit culture and this I found really interesting. I also loved learning about Brendan’s life during World War II and found his account of life in Germany fascinating. So as well as being a classical love story, it is also informative and is well worth a read.

Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux 18+ ****

From school bullies to the crime-ridden streets of his hometown of Los Angeles, Jeremy Riker has always felt the need to do something about the injustice surrounding him. Just as he sets out on his journey as an urban warrior, he unknowingly gives rise to an obsessive adversary, who ends up becoming one of the most notorious serial killers the city has ever known. Dubbed by the news media as The Spyderco Killer, the methodical psychopath roots himself deep into Riker's life for the long haul, until his own madness propels everything into an intense climax.


Hire Train Monitor Motivate: Build an Organization, Team, or Career of Distinction in the Transformational Workplace by David J. Waldron ****

The transformational workplace of the twenty-first century is front and center. Are you ready to navigate its twists and turns toward reaching your career goals and dreams? In Hire Train Monitor Motivate, author and veteran organizational leader, David J. Waldron, offers powerful, yet simple techniques that can dramatically improve your organization, team, or individual career achievements in today's hyper-competitive local and global marketplaces. This practical book will teach you how to master the art of workplace effectiveness by first making a lasting commitment to placing people first, whether a customer, recruit, staff member, or coworker. Then hire, or get hired for an optimistic mindset; train, or be trained for delivering quality products and services; monitor, or allow monitoring for regulatory compliance; and motivate, or stay motivated for enduring performance. As a practitioner more so than an academic, Waldron, presents unpretentious, everyday workplace rules that when implemented, or followed, can transform your organization, team, or individual career to one of lasting distinction. Master the proven techniques for playing the game the right way and learn how to practice leadership or teamwork by inclusion toward making your workplace a great place to learn, earn, and grow.


The Stonegate Sword by Harry James Fox 12+ ****

The Old Empire is gone - But tales still tell of marvels from long ago-flying machines and devices run by the power of lightning. Now grass grows in the streets and rusted hulks are all that remain of the proud machines. A new time of troubles now threatens. The free towns of the rugged mountains and plains are in the path of conquest. The Prophet's armies are coming, filled with hatred and armed with terrible, rediscovered weapons. Donald of Fisher, outcast and alone, is in the path of the march, searching for Rachel, who has been captured by the Raiders-minions of the Prophet. But how can he find and rescue one small captive in a wilderness teeming with enemies? And even if he succeeds, should he wield his sword beside the tiny band of defenders? Is Donald to become yet another victim, or is he, just possibly, the deliverer promised in prophecy? What can one person do in the face of a war that will shape the future of a continent?


My review for this book "A Magnificent Read - The Stonegate Sword is a great book to read and Harry James Fox’s descriptions of all the characters and battles are phenomenal. The fast moving plot, keep the pages turning. You are led to believe that it is medieval times but this is not the case! Donald of Fisher, the main character, is a peaceful man of learning. To remain in Stonegate, he has to receive battle training. A large dark force from the east threatens to invade and it takes all of Don’s wits and nerves to protect the free. If you enjoy lots of battles, then this is the book to read. Philip, a young farmer’s son has a curious tale to tell and I was eager to follow his journey. The female characters in this adventure story, Rachel and Deborah I found to be two dimensional. If there is a sequel then it would be good to get their perspectives on events. Harry’s writing is so vivid that at times you feel that you are standing right next to Donald and can see what he sees. I am eager to find out what happens to him and hope that there is a sequel. A highly recommended read.

The Millennial Party by Mark Palmer 12+ *****

Three recent high school graduates are selected to begin a movement to create an entirely new political party based on the principles and ideals of their generation. Throughout their college experiences at an Ivy League school, this story follows these young adults as they grow and develop into the unique candidates the party leaders hope for them to become. With every unexpected twist and turn, the candidates are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as they attempt to change the direction of their country for the better, all while competing amongst each other as the world watches and critiques their every move.


My review for this book: "A Fresh Approach - This was something new for me to read and I found the storyline unusual, engaging and thought provoking. Jessica, Austin and Tyler, three intelligent young people are enticed into joining the new and sparkling Millennial Party with the hope that one of them will eventually become the President of America. When the candidates are brought into the limelight, they have a rude awakening and their lives are changed forever. This novel shows what power and fame can do to people. Mark Palmer, keeps the story moving at a fast pace and it is difficult to put this book down. I guess I had high hopes for the new candidates of the Millennial Party but was shocked. The plot will not disappoint – highly recommended."

My review for this book: "A Whacky Bunny Feast. I have never read anything like this. Nigel Bunnytail is a striking, charismatic, woman eating man and is trying his best to recover from a broken heart. The first part of the book introduces you to Nigel and his eclectic mix of friends. It took me a while to get to know them all. Nigel lives and works in Philadelphia and I was drawn into his chaotic world, kicking and screaming. By chapter nine the pace changes and everything starts to make sense. Quentin Parker is a smart writer and his style is fast paced with some challenging colloquial interactions between his characters.The storyline is straight forward but whacky. I enjoyed seeing how Nigel tries to transform his life and can’t decide whether he is getting what he deserves. The end of the story, has been left open for the next book in the series.

My review for this book: "Powerfully Imagined. Michael J. Sanford is a talented writer and has created a beautifully written dark tale. For those of you that enjoy an epic journey, involving colourful enigmatic characters and battles through enchanted lands, then this book is for you. The writing is almost poetic in places and breathes life into the unstable worlds that the characters find themselves in.
This is my kind of book and I did not want to put it down. I am looking forward to reading the next saga as there are many questions that need to be answered. Congratulations Michael, this book comes highly recommended and I have given you five stars."

Perception of Life by Shandi Boyes 18+ ****


Noah Taylor is on the cusp of stardom with his band 'Rise Up'. Noah's soul has been shattered beyond repair after a series of devastating family events. The last thing that Noah wants is a committed relationship. But Noah soon learns that life doesn't always work out the way you plan. Sometimes life can take you on a small detour.

My review for this book: "A thought-provoking study. This book is an objective study of human sexuality. Historically and over the past decades, our attitude towards sex, religion and the freedom to express ourselves has shaped who we are and our society. Humphrey Zinyuke’s writing is observant and astute. His book opens your eyes up and makes you think about our future. Is there a new American sexual order? Do we have any control of our destinies or does our sexuality rule us? Have we become immoral or are we just freely celebrating sexual liberation?

An amazing wealth of sometimes controversial quotations, media articles and music references, illustrates in a light hearted way, how whether we realise it or not, we cannot help ourselves and are constantly seeking the Holy Grail – that is happiness, holding hands with sexual satisfaction. Whether they can both be found is another matter. Humphrey Zinyuke presents the evidence and it is up to you the reader to decide.

Taming Tigers by Daisy White 10+ *****

Seventeen year old Talia is struggling to earn a living as a seamstress, surviving in the infamous Camps of war torn Arista. When her soldier fiancé Kellar suggests a bizarre route of escape – stowing away in the cross desert freight train to Leonore, Talia jumps at the chance. In Leonore she can marry Kellar and expand her business – leaving the war behind... But a freak accident leaves her stranded and alone in the desert. Caught between the two countries, and forced to face her troubled past Talia must choose between love and revenge, whilst playing the ultimate game of survival. Comforted by The Guardian and haunted by The Ghost Talia begins a journey that will change her life forever... ‘A rich mix of evocative mysticism and gritty fantasy – Beautiful...’


An Abduction Revelation by Thomas L Hay 12+ *****

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