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FOR 18+ - One autumn day, six people with troubled pasts, meet at the Chanctonbury Ring, a circle of beech trees on top of an Iron Age hill fort on the northern edge of the South Downs.  The Devil whom it is believed lurks within the hill, rather than offer them a bowl of soup, takes it upon himself to grant them their dearest wishes.  Sadly, there are consequences for such kindness!


Sarah – after being held hostage in Afghanistan, is traumatised and finding it difficult to cope with daily life.Evie – has for sixty years carried around with her, the ashes of her lover. Tom - a widower has had to live with his guilty conscience for far too long. Michael - an ex-soldier, on the run, has not been well and is sure that his mind is playing the cruelest of tricks on him. Amy - a shell of what she was, has finally summoned up the courage to stand up to her manipulative boyfriend, Ted. Nabeel - after fleeing from Afghanistan, meets Sarah again and believes she owes him her life.

FOR 12+ The year is 3004. London covers the whole of England and is protected by an invisible shield, as is Paris. The shields are there as protection from terrorists and from criminals. Lawbreakers, are cast out of the cities and into the wilderness. The Isle of Wight hosts ‘lifers’, A-class criminals, murderers and the insane, who are left there to fend for themselves. Thieves and anarchists, ‘wasters’ are sent to the wilderness around Paris and London, to live a feral life style.


At the age of sixteen, boys become ‘taskers’, they are taken into the wilderness and have to find their own way home. This story is about two taskers, Kayleb Heinz and Rowan Gellpen and their struggle to return to London. It is about their emotional journey as well as all the challenges they face. They did not question their lives before their task but as the weeks pass they realise that all is not what it seems.

Jack Solar's Journal is available as a spiral bound book £6.99 and on Kindle £2.99



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FOR 12+ In 3004, millions of Veenans came to Earth seeking sanctuary. Two years later, resources and food are at critical levels.


The Think Tank Program, used to run the nation, has been corrupted. Commander Conrad Heinz, faces assassination if he does not carry out its cruel orders. All fear being cast out into the wilderness beyond London’s invisible shield.


Kayleb Heinz has become disillusioned with London’s strict rules. Things must change, if we have any chance of surviving. Can Ana Bambi show him the way or will she lead him astray?


Rowan Gellpen, Kayleb’s old school friend, has been charged with murdering two Veenans. He must do his best to survive on the Isle of Wight, an open prison - home to vicious lifers.


10 year old Jack Solar is a waster and lives in the Welsh wilderness. He spends a lot of his time dreaming about getting into London


Tensions are rising between Londoners and Veenans. Can David, the Veenan leader, make up for all the misery he has brought? Is this our future? What will become of us all?

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FOR 12+ A light hearted, whimsical play, featuring Christmas and Lottie Marbles, who run a country pub, “The Hairy Hound”. Much to Lottie’s horror, her mother-in-law, has decided to pay them a visit. Martha is an eccentric and believes that Christmas’ father is the Angel Gabriel.  


The star of the play is Mighty, a large black and white cat, who is very lazy and spends most of his time asleep on the bar. The finger is pointed at Mighty, when a loud raspberry noise is heard, followed by a bad smell of fish. Is he the culprit? Mighty, however, may have something to do with the existing flea population.


After the chef walks out, Christmas and Lottie are left to cope with Martha, mad villagers, a suspicious death and running the chaotic Hairy Hound. Is Fred dead?

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FOR 8 + The year is 3008. Jack Solar, a brave 12 year-old boy, became a war hero in 3006 during the invasion of London.


Having escaped the Welsh wilderness, Jack has to conform and go to school in London, like other children his age. He is given an old tablet to use for his lessons and decides to keep a journal about his life. He records the bizarre things that happen to him, proving that he, Jack Solar, does and did exist.


He soon discovers that his tablet has a unique property – when he draws on it, his sketches come alive!


Jack gets involved in some wild situations and draws super-heroes and crazy machines to help him. His friends believe that he has carried out the heroic deeds himself – maybe he has!


Things do not always go to plan and Jack has to make some life changing decisions!


3004 is available as a hardback £2.95 and is FREE on Kindle £0.00



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Chanctonbury is available as a paperback £9.99 and on Kindle £2.99



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Milly's Magic Quilt books are available as a paperback £5.99 and on Kindle £2.26





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